Cleansing, Consecrating, & Charging

Cleansing is just that, the removal of negative or unwanted energies. Consecrating blesses the objects; dedicates it to it chosen purpose. Charging melds you energies with those of the Universe and the object being charged. Generally, all three of these ceremonies are done at the same time, sometimes for several objects or tools. Altar tools are put through this process, as are the magic Circle, talismans, charms, amulets, etc..

Usually representatives of the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) are used in this process, and in most rituals. They are invited in, welcomed, and asked for their supervision, blessing, and protection.

The Elements will be gone into fully on another page. Many times Items are placed in or on the Pentacle (Earth) where they are cleansed, blessed with Water from the cup or chalice, then smoke from the incense for Air, and passed through a candle flame, for Fire.

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