Color Magic

Colors can enhance any healing modality or setting. You can use colored crystals, candles, sheer cloths, or even lights. Or you might fill a colored glass with water and set it in the window for a few hours, to empower the water with the energy of that color. And, of course, combining color therapy with other modalities, such as matching crystals, only increases the potency of a color's vibrational rate. Below is a list of colors along with their most common uses. Think of ways you can use them to enhance your life or healing practices.

The list below will give you some ideas about how to use colors, especially as candles.

  • Red: the body, earth, force, vigor, energy, strength, passion, courage, element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust, blood, vibrancy, drive, survival. Warms and activates, awakens physical life force and strengthens a person's energies. Can be over-stimulating. In the aura it indicates temper, domination, impulsive, or self-centeredness. It's the color of the planet mars and relates to doing. It is the first note in the musical scale. In relation to body manifestations it often relates to nervousness and egotism.
  • Pink: romance, healing emotions, peace, affection, nurturing. Awakens compassion, eases anger and sorrow, stimulates the thymus gland and immune system.
  • Orange: business goals, property deals, ambition, success, justice. Awakens joy and wisdom, eases depression. Too much can effect the nerves. Musical note is Re. Planet is the sun. In the aura often has to do with thoughtfulness and consideration. In health it relates to laziness and repression.
  • Copper: passion, money, professional growth, fertility in business.
  • Gold: wealth, luck, male things, playfulness.
  • Yellow: intelligence, learning, memory, logic, imagination, solar plexus. Awakens greater confidence and optimism. Musical note is mi. Planet is mercury. Often relates to well- being, health, and friendliness. Health-wise usually relates to timidity, and weak will.
  • Green: physical healing, money, abundance, fertility, growth, movement. Balance mind and body. Stimulates youthfulness. Balances energies and increases sensitivity and compassion. Also balances nervous system. Good for inflammations. Don't use for cancer or tumor; instead use pink. Musical note is fa. Planet is Saturn. Aurically indicates someone who is helpful.
  • Blue: communications, wisdom, protection, spiritual inspiration, sedative. Assists in spiritual wakening, is cooling and may lower blood pressure. Musical note is sol. Planet is Jupiter. Within the aura reveals a person who is spiritual, artistic, and selfless.
  • Indigo: Strengthens glands and immune system, good for purifying blood and detoxes the body, balances left and right brain, good for all healings on the head. Sedates. Musical note is La. Planet is Venus. Aurically is often interpreted to indicate a person who is a Seeker, and religious. Healthy-wise often indicates heart or stomach roubles.
  • Purple: third eye, psychic abilities, spiritual power, hidden knowledge, transformation. Use for cleansing and purifying on ALL levels. Balances spiritual and physical energies. Stimulates dream activity and past life recall. Planet is Moon. Musical note is ti. Indicates same things as indigo as far as health and personal tendencies.
  • Silver: telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, intuition, feminine things, astral travel.
  • Brown: influence, gardening, feet, friendships.
  • Black: protection, repelling negativity, binding, shape shifting, used to earth or ground. When used with white enhances energetic protection.
  • White: spirituality power and purity, peace, soul, purity, a substitute for any other color. It will amplify the effects of any other color.

If you use candles in healing placing them in shapes around the body will magnify the effects. For example, a triangle amplifies healing force energies and increases the power of whatever color you are using. A Square is grounding and stabilizes as it calms the entire physiological system. The Cross balances the physical energies with emotional and spiritual energies. The Pentagram grounds, strengthens, and calls forth spiritual energies into the healing process. It can be used to call in the help of the Angelic Realms. The Six-Rayed Star links the heart and mind, body and spirit, thus allowing healing on ALL levels. It also helps to draw in the individual's own Soul Awareness to assist in healings.

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