Part referrs to a unit of measure. If you decide that one part equals one teaspoonful, then you will adjust the other parts to match that. So, for a half a part, you'd use half a teaspoon. The same is true if you decide to use a pound or a handful.

Incenses are burned dry, usually thrown on top of a lit charcoal.

Simple Incenses:

  • Allspice - money, luck

  • Bay - purification, home protection

  • Cedar - speeds healing

  • Cinnamon - sharpen psychic abilities, draw money

  • Clove - protection, purification

  • Dragon's Blood - love, protection, exorcism

  • Fern - protection, rain

  • Frankincense - consecration, spirituality

  • Myrrh - healing, peace, meditation

  • Pine - purification, healing, money

  • Rosemary - for sleep

  • Sage - healing and spirituality, purification

  • Sandalwood - protection, healing, spirituality

  • Thyme - health, purification

Altar Incense: purifies
3 parts frankincense
2 parts myrrh
1 part cinnamon

Circle Incense:
4 parts frankincense
2 parts benzoin
1/2 part cinnamon
1/4 part rosemary
2 parts myrrh
1 part sandalwood
1/2 part rose petals
1/4 part vervain
1/4 part bay

Clearing Negative Vibrations:
3 part frankincense
3 part copal
2 part myrrh
1 part sandalwood


4 part frankincense
2 part benzoin
1 part gardenia petals
1/2 part thyme
1/2 part rose
3 part myrrh
1 part sandalwood
1/2 part Orris root
1/2 part poppy seed

4 part frankincense        2 parts myrrh
1/2 part pennyroyal       1/2 part solomon's seal
2 part benzoin          1/4 part Rue
1/2 part bay             1/4 part wormwood
1/2 part fennel           1/4 part chamomile
1/2 part thyme           1/4 part rose petals


Generally, try to buy 100% essential oils. These can be quite expensive in some cases, but they last a long time. Do not ingest oils. Do not put them on your skin undiluted. Usually, they are put by the dropperfuls into a carrier oil which then can be put on the skin.

Oils are rubbed on candles and other things while chanting, or visualizing, or speaking the goal and asking for help from the energies of the oil. Choose the appropriate color candle, then put a dab of oil -- diluted and mixed -- on the center of the candle. then rub it out toward an end. Repeat, rubbing the oil out toward the other end.

Fast Money Oil
7 drops patchouli              5 drops cedar
4 drops vertivert       2 drops ginger
1/8 cup of Jajoba Oil

Altar Oil
4 drops frankincense             2 drops myrrh
1 drop cedar

Earth Oil
4 drop patchouli           4 drops cypress

Fire Oil
3 drops ginger          1 drop clove
2 drops rosemary           1 drop petigrain

Air Oil
5 drops lavender       3 drops sandalwood
1 drop neroli


Water Oil
3 drop palmarosa           2 drop Ylang ylang
1 drop jasmine


Moon Oil
1 drop jasmine             1 drop sandalwood


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