"Make for yourself a Power Spot,
Bring you a spoon and a cooking pot.
Bring Air, Bring Fire, Bring Water, Bring Earth;
And you a new universe will birth!"
--Shekinah Mountain Water

Spells are, perhaps, one of the most creative parts of the Craft. The idea is simple enough: put together a string of words, a chant, a simply rime, a single word, or some combination of these designed to help your mentally, visually, and emotionally focus on the goal. There is power in words; some say that to name a thing, is take its power away.

Did you ever hear an odd noise in the middle of the night, when you were alone, and become frightened? Then, somehow, you discovered that the noise was a cat outside, or the wind snapping a branch against the side of the house, and the second you knew what the noise was, your fear vanished. There's power in naming things.

When you design a spell you focus your attention on the goal. You chose words carefully; words with special meaning to you and your cause. This imbues them with the power of your desire and, when combined with the Circle, chanting, candles, your tools and whatever else you decide it's appropriate to use, your spell takes on life of it's own. Now that's magic!

You don't have to be Shakespeare to write good spells. You have to be clear about your intent and you have to be able to use the words to add fire to your desire. This is building power.

Try to use words that you are completely familiar with, even if you fancy them up by using some archaic form of the words. Putting the words into a rhyme isn't necessary but it does add a little more oomph because it's easier to remember something that rhymes, than something that seems disjointed or disconnected. The shorter you can make the spell, the easier it is to remember (it's not always possible to do a full circle ritual in the dark with high winds and read off a piece of paper!). Also shorter pieces build more energy faster...which you can amplify by repeating faster and faster until the energy being built explodes as it releases into the universe.

Of course you can write elaborate, long spells. It's your magic, isn't it? But do be clear about each and every word and meaning, or you'll be wasting your time and effort.

Try to make spells not only pointed but fun as well. The energy of laughter and joy are much more potent than merely reciting some little diddy that says what you mean but is boring. And, as in all other aspects of your work, be creative!



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