Crystals and Gemstones


Natural life forms such as crystals and plants are thresholds to sacred relationships that reach far beyond normal waking consciousness and deep into the realms of cosmic consciousness. Crystals can be magickal helpers and healers to the human body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Ancient cultures often speak of crystal and rock formation as Record Keepers; meaning they hold the memories of the deep past within themselves.

No matter what your personal belief system you have no doubt be struck by the beauty of a crystal, or a mountain range, or a cavern. The inspiration of such beauty alone is healing to the mind and soothing to the spirit. And, if you begin to look at stones (plants and animals too, for that matter!) as being other residents on this great planet then you will begin to open to some possibilities that you had not considered before.

All stones have vibrations and properties which can be used to enhance our well being on many levels. Some stones are grounding, others energizing, while some promote dreams. The variety is endless and limited only by how open your mind can be. There are several healing traditions which use crystal energies for healing the chakras, body organs, or even to effect the way your body uses its own energy.

Getting to know a stone is a personal experience. One way is to let your eye be attracted to a particular colored stone or formation. In other words, don't grab the first stone that you see; instead wait and see if one really draws your attention. It is said that when a stone wishes to be adopted by you, it will call you. When you feel drawn to one, study it. Examine its color, formation, and type. Then pick it up and simply hold it in your hand. (Many say that they are more receptive to receiving energies in their left hand.) Hold the stone in your hand for a few moments; close your eyes, and allow your mind to simply drift. Do any images come to mind? Sensations? These are all clues as to the stone's uses and message for you.

After you've chosen a stone, or two, to bring home treat them with respect. If the stone is fragile then make certain you wrap it or keep it in a safe place. When you first get one it's nice to give it a cleansing in warm, sudsy water with a little sea salt (or whatever) added to the water. If they've been sitting around a long while and have gathered a great deal of dust, then brush them gently with a soft bristled brush. Then set them in the sun to dry and be energized by the glowing rays. This is not to get rid of any negative energies; it is merely to clean it as you would clean anything else. Remember that stones have intelligence, it simply isn't the same sort of intelligence as yours. Think of the stone as a new friend. Be kind to it. Dress it nicely. Take it places. Maybe even tuck it into your pillow for a few nights and see how it effects your dreams. Keep it dusted off. If its fragile see that its put somewhere safe. Give it some fresh air once in a while, show it to the Full moon or set it out in a lightning storm. Pay attention to your intuition because, if the stone is going to communicate with you, it is limited to whatever symbols, images, and emotions that you have stored in your mind-body system. If it feels like the stone wants to be in your left pocket, put it there! If it feels like it wants to be hidden up behind the vase on the high shelf so it overlooks a room, then put it there. Don't listen to books, or people, or even me -- instead listen to the stone.

The following is a simple list of various stones and what they're commonly associated with. It's not the last word, the last word always should come from you and your new friend, the stone.

Crystal Properties

Agate: Fertilizes concepts of growth. Grounds.
Amber: acts as an earthing, grounding, anchor. Past life work.
Amethyst: Good for working with any vibrations of Love and for working with spiritual, crown chakra issues.
Aqua Marine: Calming, serenity, peace, good for working with emotional issues.
Bloodstone: A useful healer and balancer; gives stability emotionally and mentally.
Carnelian: Stimulates curiosity and initiative, encourages searching and opening.
Clear Quartz: Powerful transmitter and amplifier of energies, good to amplify intentions.
Citrine: Cleanses vibrations in atmosphere and in digestive tract, opens and stimulates mental bodies, aids in bridging mental and intuitive selves.
Diamond: Represents divine focus; roots one into what they already are, magnifies qualities of stones it's placed next to.
Emerald: Increases earthiness or grounding, magnifies patience and excellent for deep meditative exercises as it promotes a stronger ability to focus.
Fluorite: opens receptivity, good for channeling energies of higher vibrations, combined with calcite and pyrite will awaken higher mind consciousness.
Fire Agate: aids in meditation to link you to higher aspects of the lower bodies.
Garnet: grounding, relieves high blood pressure, promotes balance, peace, and solitude.
Jade: Assists wisdom, clarity and tranquility, energizes the higher chakras when worn over heart.
Jasper: Lends healing vibration to organs and gastrointestinal tract. Opens mind to new ways of thinking.
Lapis: good for opening the throat chakra.
Malachite: stimulates optic nerves, good for astral vision, used with Azurite will purge deep emotional issues, mental purifier, good for past life memory work, excellent for journey work.
Moon stone: Inner growth and strength. Stimulates organs connected to the soul essence, promote and supports feminine issues/problems.
Aventurine: Heals heart of deep emotional trauma, good for soul retrieval work, good for heart work when used with Rose Quartz.
Opal: builds bridge between waking mind and subconscious and super-minds.
Peridot: calmer and purifier.
Rose Quartz: transmits calm, especially helpful during heart work of any kind, divine love.
Sodolite: creates harmony, balance and healing on physical plane.
Smokey Quartz: healing to etheric and mental bodies, good for grounding chaotic energy, helpful for ADD and ADHD.
Turquoise: steadies one's stores of strength and balance, opens to wisdom.
Topaz: Emphasizes and intensifier of information so that abstractions are easier to grasp.
Tiger's eye: works on mass consciousness to separate false need from physical pacifiers.

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