Herbs & Their Magical Uses

Herbs are a way of mixing Earth power with your personal power and concentrating a desire into manifestation. Like Charms, herbs are programmed with the desired outcome. 

Herbs are burned, used in tea, used to stuff pillows or poppets, and sometimes scattered to the four winds. Before using ANY herb be certain you know whether or not it is poisonous to eat, touch, or smell. Never assume anything. And if you are not familiar with herbs or plants, then find a safe and reputable place to buy them from.


Some herbal redes are:

What can kill can cure.

If ye would herbal magick make,
Be sure the spell in rhyme be spake.

Snakes will not go
where geraniums grow.

  • Agrimony - to reverse spells

  • Alfalfa - to keep poverty away

  • Amber - for clarity

  • Angelica - purification and dissolving negativity

  • Basil - love, wealth, astral protjection

  • Bay - psychic powers

  • Bayberry - prosperity

  • Benzoin - peace of mind

  • Bergamot - success, money

  • Black Cohosh - protection, sexuality

  • Blue Vervain - quiet nerves

  • carnation - power, strength

  • cedar - clears negative energies

  • dandelion - wishes, clairvoyance

  • Dock - money, fertility

  • Echinacea - strengthening, healing

  • Eucalyptus - healing, protection

  • Gardenia - love, peace

  • Gotu Kola - meditation

  • Heather - avoid passion, luck

  • Heliotrope - psychic opening

  • Honey suckle - money

  • jasmine - love, prophetic dreams

  • Lavender - peace, love

  • lilac - past lives

  • Lotus - meditation, psychic amplification

  • Mimosa - healing, dreams

  • Mint - money

  • Mugwort - strength, health

  • Musk - sex

  • Patchouli - lust, attraction

  • Rose - love, trust

  • Sweetgrass - to call in spirits

  • Vanilla - sex, love

  • Violet - peace, wishes

  • Wisteria - higher consciousness

  • Wormwood - psychic development

  • Ylang ylang - lust, love, attraction

Here are a few ideas from Scott Cunningham:

To see Ghosts: carry lavender

To ally fear: carry a mixture of nettles and yarrow.

To stop dreams: Hang a sprig of lemon verbena around your neck.

Edain McCoy, in her Guide to Faery folk, suggests making protective pouches by picking several herbs from the list below and wrapping them up in white or gold cloth, while visualizing that purpose.

Cinnamon         Valerian        Bay
Thyme            blackberry      mints
hyssop            frankincense    sandalwood
thistle            rosemary       pepper

As you can see the possibilities are limitless. So study and get to work experimenting on what works for you!


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