"By all the Powers of Earth and Sea,
As I will, So Mote it Be!"

Magic is transformation, change, evolving, growth. It is recognizing when something needs correction, healing, abstinence, banishing, or release and DOING something about it. When you don't like the way you look and you then take steps to lose weight, change your hair, and improve your appeal, both to yourself and others, then you are performing magic. It is taking charge of your life and everything about it and transforming it into the life you desire. It is the process of activating your mind and will power and focusing them so finely that CHANGE happens.

The rules of magic depend on you. There are many different traditions and they all present their own rules but, the truth is, the rules are whatever you decide they are. And this depends completely on what is in your heart and mind and soul. The idea behind magic is bringing the invisible, the thing longed for, into physical form. Now you an wish until you are blue in the face, but until you start actually doing something to bring it about, or to help it find its way to you, nothing is going to happen.

Witches take action. Yes, they think and mull and debate. Sometimes they even think, mull, and debate the wrong things. But the fact of the matter is, they are action takers. They are willing to take the chance that they just might be powerful enough, conscious enough, and responsible enough to make decisions about the condition of their lives. 

Words are used in magic because they are powerful things. They represent invisible ideas, they fill the mind, heart, and passions with images, emotions, and desire. Words are used for affirmations, prayers, chanting, charms, and to name things.

The tools that are used are like words. They are physical representations for ideas which can then be focused on to narrow concentration and will power into the object or happening that is desired. Circles are used to provide a sacred and safe place for working -- it is the Office of the Witch, as RavenWolf says. Objects are used as connecting threads between the visible and invisible worlds providing a bridge for manifestation to take place.

In order for magic to work you must involve the sense, heart, hands, imagination, and soul with the mind -- doing whatever that might mean to you, personally. It is the power of your mind, melded with the power of the universe, that creates magic.

There are some rules that are universal to all of us. 1. Magic is worked for the good OF ALL. If the person you desire does not desire you and you try to force a relationship using magic, that is not for the good of all -- it is for the selfish good of you.

2. Equal Rights and Rites. Universal energies are neutral, it is what the witch attempts to do with them that makes them either white, black, or gray. The Universe doesn't play favorites.

3. Cause and Effect - For each and every cause there is an equal, and sometimes, opposite effect. Be clear in all Workings...think KARMA.

4. Free will is everyone's right.

5. Belief is everything.

6. There are no rules if all things are done with  LOVE.



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