Talismans & Amulets,

These are usually something like an item of jewelry but can be rocks, leaves, pieces of wood or bone, just about anything. An Amulet protects, a talisman protects and brings luck. They are both Charms which use sympathetic magic to bring about their purpose.

There are charms against sorrow and to gain wealth, to ward off sickness and bring in rain.

You choose a medium for the talisman or amulet according to your purpose. If your desire is fire related, then candle wax might do. A shell for water, a stone for earth, a colored feather for air. Whatever item you decide to use, you then inscribe it, visibly or otherwise, with symbols which represent the desired outcome. Usually, if you are using ink, you will use a color that corresponds with the purpose of the charm. As you are inscribing the charm you visualize the goal and, oftentimes, a special chant is made up on the spot for the need. That done, it is blessed and consecrated and, either placed somewhere where it can influence the outcome, or is worn on the body.

A charm for psychic dreams might be to use a blue feather. The blue is for West, the direction/element of dreams. And the feather is a symbol in many cultures for receiving messages. You might then use black colored glitter glue to draw whatever symbols your research leads you too...a circle, open at the top with an arrow pointing in the opening would suffice. Then you could annoint and bless the feather with an oil mixture of sandalwood to invite the influences of the moon, Lotus Oil for psychic opening, and Jasmine for inviting pleasant dreams and the influences of the Water Element. As you are working you will concentrate on receiving the desired dream, perhaps visualizing yourself as waking up in the morning smiling with success. And as you work you might chant:

"Western Water bring hear my pleas
Bless me with psychic dreams."

When the charm is finished you could then bless it with the four elements using your tools, wrap it in a specially chosen cloth, and then place it under your pillow.

Each act that you do, each thought, even as you are gathering your materials to design the charm imbue it with your desires. Choose wisely!

There are countless books with symbols in them and some good sites on the web where you can gather ideas. Be sure to check out Valerie Worth's Crone books where you'll find some interesting -- and sometimes silly -- charm making ideas like this one:

Against Sorrow:
         Draw a gravestone with a skull upon it as you chant: Sorrow be dust, and dust dissolve, Let all my grief, go into this grave.


For Weightloss:
          Draw a full moon with crescents on either side of it as you chant: Wax thou moon, that I may wane, what I lose, thou shalt gain.


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