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"Caring about the Earth is Political as well as Spiritual. Political life is personal. Personal life is political. And where those two things meet is where your spirituality begins to grow."

--Anne Cameron

Solitary Practices: A Grimoire

A Celtic Creation Story

"In the beginning there was the Great Egg and, inside it, the promise of all life. When the Egg cracked, the water began to flow, bringing with it, the seeds of all things yet to come. First Woman's body was made of the dirt of the Earth. her hair was the grass and moss. 

First woman became First Mother and she had many children. She called them her Rainbow Family. She taught them to live in harmony and balance. She gave them a dream of peace and they were nurtured by her abundance.

When First Mother knew her time had come and her tasks were finished, she began to change into something other than what she had been. But before her Rainbow Family spread out across the Earth, they promised First Mother that if ever she need them, if ever she was threatened, they would reform the Rainbow Family and give of their strength to protect her."

We are the Rainbow Family and that time is now.

Merry Meet!

Solitary Practices is about deep, transformational magick. The Craft. The Old Ways. Craft of the Wise. These are just a few of the names of the practices taught within these pages. 

A Grimoire is a type of recipe books; a collection of study notes, journal entries, tables of correspondence, spells, meditations, etc.. It's the personal record of Witch as she -- or he -- learns the Craft. Some call it a Book of Light and Shadows. This particular Grimoire is the result of 30 years study.

These pages are full of learnings, experiments to try, lessons to tease your brain, and things you'll want to think about and, maybe even write in your own Grimoire. There is no preaching or comparing here but there are a lot of ideas. Beliefs are solid, unmoving things; difficult to change. Ideas, on the other hand, evolve with you as you grow, think, and transform.

There are not a lot of graphics on these pages. My goal was to share knowledge not pictures.

Good learning to you. May the forces of the Universe guide your steps and grant good dreams!


The Creed

Principles of Belief

Sabbats & Esbats

The Ancient Ones


Casting Circles

Cleansing, Consecrating, & Charging

The Elements


Talismans & Charms

Spells, Chants, & Invocations













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